Ghana Association of Portsmouth

Ghap “Wor dze shun” Summer BBQ 2015

The heat of the British summer leaves us clamoring to get outdoors and host a blow-out barbecue for friends and family of Ghap. The only problem with the barbecue party is the budget. The little purchases add up.

Ghaps tight budget, made tigher ty our non-dues payment, does not have to mean that summer entertaining dreams goes out of the window. Instead, with the generosity of members, your talents and funds will create a memorable event that will be fun for all without draining anyone’s wallet.

We are once again fortunate that our honorable Chairman has pledged to take care of the food and venue. The only thing left is the DRINKS, MUSIC & You!!!

Part of the fun of the Annual Summer BBY part is seeing what everyone contribute towards it. We will suggest members pledge their contribution in cash or kind by touching base with Florence on 07505330583

I hope everyone will be happy with the request.

Added bonus: there will be buckets of chilled pito, Akpeteshie and Asana pledged by the Jacksons.

Dress Code: – Vintage/Traditional/70 looks

Highlights: – June Flood disaster fundraising

Food: – Your guess

Seating: – Consider bringing camp chairs for extra seating

Date: 29 Aug 2015

Kofi Addai

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