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    About the Ghana Association of Portsmouth

    The Ghanaian Association of Portsmouth (GhaP) serves to assist the Ghanaian and Friends of Ghana in meeting the needs of the Ghanaian living in Portsmouth and Hampshire. that works to promote and provide a cultural and social awareness of Ghanaian and British Ghanaian customs and diversity. To achieve these aims, GhaP shall exist to encourage cultural diversity, articulate the concerns of Ghanaians, and cultivate relationships...

    History of The Association

    October 1993 Terrible news broke out that a Ghanaian International student has been found dead in his hostel room at the University of Southampton. It was later revealed that he died of starvation in the national news papers and media houses across the country. This brought shock and humiliation to Ghanaians and the entire community at large. Lessons learnt suggested that if this gentleman had...